Common Pests and Control


Control: Recharge  Biotrine  Benefit  Alpha Gold   Agrifocsu Cartap

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White Grub

Control: Recharge

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Common Crop Disease and Control (Fungal)

Purple Blotch (Alternaria Porri)

Control: Exculibur  Dynamic  Nugro  Strobi Gold  Cabenda Gold

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Powdery Mildw of Onion

Control: Dynamic  Nugro  Strobi Gold  Tebucon Pro  Difeno Gold

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Downy Mildew

Control: Dynamic  Nugro  Omega

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Botrytis of Onion

Control: Recahrge  Exculibur  Dynaic  Nugro

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Black Mold

Control: Proper harvesting

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Common Crop Disease and Control (Bacterial)

Common Crop Disease and Control (Viral)

Yellow Strip Virus of Onion

Control: Thrips-Recharge  Lycomax    Biotrine  Benefit

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Nutritional Deficiency

Deficiency-Bulb scales thin and yellow (Right)

Control: Cropcare ZMC  Mariplus  Marinure ZMC

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Nitrogen Deficiency (Yellowing of the older Leaves)

Control: Nutrigro K  Superkelp  Nutrogro P  Nutrigro K

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Phosphorus Deficiency (slow growth)

Control: Nutrigro P  Nutrigro N  Nutrigro K  Superkelp

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Potassium Deficiency (Burning of leaf margins)

Control: Nutfill  Nutrigro K  Rubyglo Fruit Spray  Nutrigro P  Nutrogro N  Fruitforce  Fruit Set

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Calcium Deficiency (Young leaves become whitish, rolled and twisted)

Control: New Marinure CalMag+B  NurtSet  Nixela

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Magnesium Deficiency (Interveinal chlorosis)

Control: Novomax  New Marinure CalMag+B  Nixela

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Sulphur Deficiency (new leaves become pale yellow)

Control: CropCare ZMC  Novomax    MariPlus  Nutrigro P  Superkelp

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Zinc Deficiency( irregular formation of leaves)

Control: OptiGrow  Marinure Zinc  CropCare ZMC  Marinure ZMC  MariPlus

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Iron deficiency (leaves become whitish)

Control: OptiGrow  Mariplus,SuperKelp  Novomax

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Mangasese Deficiency (Interveinal chlorosis of young leaves)

Control: CropCare ZMC  Marinure ZMC  MariPlus

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